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Easton Cowboys & Cowgirls Galleries

The Cowboys & Cowgirls At Home

Easton Cowbouys and Cowgirls Galleries

The Easton Cowboys & Cowgirls run six football teams that play in various leagues around Bristol. This gallery contains photographs of matches and training taken during the 2003/2004 season.

Mondiali Antirazzisti

A gallery of photographs from the Mondiali Antirazzisti (anti-racist world) in 2002 and 2003; held in Italy near Parma, 7-a-side, over 100 teams and an unforgiving sun.

The Tournament Gallery

Easton Cowboys Galleries

Several times a year teams from around Europe gather for football, socialising and entertainments of dubious taste, here there are two galleries from such events. In August 2001 the Easton Cowboys invited twenty teams to the small Somerset village of Thorncombe to participate in 2001 - A Football oddity. In 1999 the Cowboys travelled to a tournament hosted by F.C. Lunatics in Antwerp

The Homies In The UK Gallery

Easton Cowboys Cricket Galleries

In August 2001 the Homiez and the Popz toured England and played the Easton Cowboys in Bristol. At Hambledon, the birth place of cricket the Homies and the Popz played a ground breaking match against a team of Aborigines who were also touring the UK.

The Cowboys In LA Gallery

Compton Homies and Popz Logo
Dome Village Logo

Compton is a suburb of LA infamous for gangs and drive-by shootings. Ted Hayes, an activist who has spent many years campaigning for homeless people, formed the Compton Homies and the Popz cricket team in an attempt to keep Afro-American and Hispanic youths out of gang culture.

In September 2000 the Easton Cowboys Cricket Club went to Los Angeles to play the Compton Homies and The Popz Cricket Club. After LA a few members of the Cowboys ventured into Death Valley for a game of cricket at 284ft below sea level. Thus was formed the DVCC.

The Easton Cowboys Return West Gallery

Easton Cowboys Logo

In January 2001 the Easton Cowboys returned to Chiapas for a second tournament. The beginning of the tour coincided with the Zapatista protest in San Cristóbal to mark the 12th of January, the date on which the army halted its offensive in 1994.

Since the first trip Vincente Fox had been elected as president and broken the PRI monopoly on power. As a gesture of his peaceful intentions several army bases had been dismantled and the Zapatistas where preparing for their march to Mexico City to lobby the government.

The Easton Cowboys Go West Gallery

Zapatista Logo

On 1st January 1994 the Zapatistas came out of the jungles of Chiapas (the southern most state in Mexico) declaring 'Ya Basta!' (enough is enough). Aggrieved at the Chiapas' feudal system and the repression of indigenous people they went on to seize land from large landowners and founded collective communities. They have survived since 1994 without reliance on arms despite constant low-intensity war waged on them by the Mexican army and government backed militias.


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