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To roughly calibrate your monitor, turn the contrast control up to its maximum setting. Then adjust the brightness control until you can just see all of the graduations, while maintaining a full black in the first graduation.


~Introduction Text & Slide Shows~

Many of the gallery pages have a short introductory text which can be accessed by clicking on the button labelled 'Click Here To Read An Introduction To These Photographs'. The text will appear in a pop-up window which requires JavaScript enabled on your browser. This site contains no advertising and pop-up windows only contain material from this site.

If you have a slow connection the slide shows may run poorly however, they should run more smoothly second time through. The slide show will open in a pop-up window, this requires your browser to have JavaScript turned on. Only a single slide show window will be open at any one time.


~Thumbnails & The Back Button~

As well as the slide shows each set of photographs has a thumbnail index, many of which also contain captions. Click on the thumbnail to view the full size photograph and use the 'Back' button on your browser to return to the index. These pages also include some articles and maps.

The 'Back' button on your browser may take you right back to the front page instead of back one page only. If this happens stop using the 'Back' button, instead right-click the mouse and select 'Back' from the pop-up menu.


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