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These two galleries contain photographs from antiwar marches that took place in London over the last few years.

The first gallery is from a march that took place before the Afghanistan war in October 2001. It started from Speakers Corner in Hyde Park and ended in Trafalgar Square.

The second gallery is from 2003 and the largest protest ever to take place in London. Depending on who's figures you believe up to 1.5 million people marched from Embankment to Hyde Park against the impending war in Iraq.

(Thumbnail image stolen from Banksy www.banksy.co.uk)


Two Galleries containing photographs from anti-capitalist demonstrations.

The events of 1st May 2000 caused a bit of a stir. About 4000 anti-capitalist protesters and 5000 police celebrated May Day with what Reclaim The Streets called Guerrilla Gardening.

The carnival against capitalism was celebrated in major cities around the world in June 1999. In London protesters took over the Square Mile and Trafalgar Square.


Growing opposition to genetically modified food precipitated a London rally in March 1999 where, organizations as diverse as Greenpeace and Muslims groups called for a ban on genetically modified crops.

Also pictures from the Genetix Snowball High Court hearing, April 1999.

Cannabis & Country

The Legalize Cannabis Rally in Trafalgar Square and a few brave anti-fox hunting protesters confront a quarter of a million marchers at the Countryside Rally. Both from 1998

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